• Robin Cowings

Family walk.

A river walk is always good for me. The sounds of the river and the birds are so calming. Sunshine and rain on my face. Skimming stones. Butterflies. A rope swing under the bridge. It reminds me so much of my childhood.

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  • Robin Cowings


Saw this today on a family walk and it ironically reminded me of an interesting Tweet from George Monbiot on Double Down News where he claimed that “The oligarchs have discovered the formula for persuading the poor to vote for the very rich”. It was a compelling article which seemed to go a long way to explain the phenomena of Trump, Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson. The dangerous clowns who are most certainly for the few and not the many.

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  • Robin Cowings

Peace & calm.

A detox for the soul. A family trip out to Tynemouth.

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