• Robin Cowings

Deliveries. The supermarket shelves are bare due to panic buying so some stores have set up early morning time slots for the elderly and vulnerable to get a chance to shop for much needed supplies. Trying to get an online order delivery or even a click-and-collect booking is getting harder. The websites and apps are crashing or not loading due to the sheer volume of people trying to make a booking, I assume. The next available booking at Asda is weeks away. The delivery people are kind and upbeat despite the situation. Our last delivery was stressful and time consuming. When the food was brought into the house, Sarah and I washed or wiped down everything individually, disposing of packaging where it was possible.

Social Distancing Day 8: 25th March 2020

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  • Robin Cowings

Announcements. The government scare me. They are reacting too slowly to the rapidly changing events. Advice is vague, contradictory and very different to what they were saying just a week ago. Regardless of how I feel about their politics, I still don't trust them. They have denigrated the NHS and refused pay rises to the nurses. Now they are championing the NHS and asking retired doctors to return and others to volunteer. It makes me so angry.

Social Distancing Day 7: 24th March 2020

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  • Robin Cowings

Latex glove.

Social Distancing Day 6: 23rd March 2020

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