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  • Robin Cowings

Social Distancing Day 11: 28th March 2020


There have been no food delivery slots available from any of the supermarkets for a while now, so we opted for click and collect. Sarah went to Asda at the Metrocentre at 8 this morning to pick up the supplies wearing latex gloves. She said the cars were in a queue waiting and while she was parked there, she observed a most ridiculously long line of people with trolleys all spaced far apart in silence, waiting to get in to the supermarket. It gave her the chills.

We have a bizarre, but not really paranoid routine when the food is delivered. Everything is taken out of it’s plastic or cardboard packaging and immediately disposed of. Where this isn’t possible, the bottles, jars, tins and containers are wiped down with antibacterial wipes. Each time I have done this it has taken a good 45 minutes.

Sarah in rubber gloves unpacking the shopping.

Wiping down the packaging

Disposing of the packaging

Disposing of the packaging

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