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  • Robin Cowings

Social Distancing day 17: 3rd April 2020

Live Music

I have a massive love of live music. I have a good few tickets for concerts that I have been so looking forward to. An opportunity to see some musicians I probably won’t get a chance to see again. When the COVID-19 crisis began to spread, it was inevitable that all these events would quite rightly be cancelled for our safety. The prospect of isolation and not being able to see live music wasn’t a great prospect.

So it’s been an absolute joy to see how many artists I admire and follow on social media putting on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube live streaming gigs. It’s also been brilliant to see some artists use these forums and technology to stream chats and interviews too. It adds an extra dimension that is akin to the podcast. My diary is filling up with reminders for upcoming live events like these. I’m beginning to look forward to some of my nights indoors.

To all you artists out there keeping us sane; thanks a lot.

Jarrod Dickenson live on Instagram
Live music on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
Live conversation about music
Collaborating via Instagram

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