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  • Robin Cowings

Social Distancing day 18: 4th April 2020

Photo Club

Photo Club is a monthly, inclusive creative photography group for young people in collaboration with Digital Voice and Newcastle City Council’s Arts Connect initiative. I’ve been delivering this since 2011.

When the new laws on social distancing came in, we were all concerned about what would happen with our group. We wanted to ensure that our wonderful group of families could continue to meet and still be creative. More now than ever it is so important that people can have a creative outlet and be able to share this. Creative expression during this lockdown has been shared far and wide across all social media platforms. Families, groups, galleries and arts institutions have begun to come together to help share their creativity and artworks, set projects and share ideas to brighten people’s lives.

It has been brilliant that Newcastle Council’s Arts Connect team have given us the go-ahead to do this.

Today we all met online to launch our new Collective Isolation Diary project. Over the coming months our families will photograph and record diaries of their experiences during these peculiar times. I can’t wait to see and share their stories.

Photo Club virtual meeting

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