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  • Robin Cowings

Social Distancing day 40: 26th April 2020

Every day is different; every day is the same.

For a number of years I used to photograph the exact same view of the sunrise from my attic window every morning, every day. I have literally hundreds of them. The thought process was to reflect on how my perception of how my days were, like the movie Groundhog Day, identical. Acknowledging that most of us have a routine, a groove, a habit of doing the same things day in and day out. However, the images also show, when you put them together, that no two morning views are the same. The images became a sort of meditation for me. A way of punctuating each day. Making a mark and moving on.

All of those things seem so heightened and emphasised now that our lives are much more restricted.

The three images here are all taken on 26th April, but each a year apart. They look like they could be days apart; minutes apart. Time is elastic.

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