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  • Robin Cowings

Social Distancing day 42: 28th April 2020

Nocturnal walk.

I think many of us have become more nocturnal during this enforced isolation. It’s difficult to get the boys to sleep before 1 am and equally difficult to get them up before 10am. My sleep patterns have become erratic too.

Jack and I went out for our daily walk at twilight for a change today. Partially because I love that time of day and because I spent many years shooting photographic projects at this time. The light is transformative and the colours are beautiful. I found the experience much less stressful than the walks I’ve had during the day. There were so few people around that I thought much less about socially distancing and more about the experience and being in the moment.

Jack and I spoke on the walk about how he has felt about not being in school and not seeing his friends. Initially, the thought of not being in school was novel and appealing. But he’s sick of it now. He craves some sense of “normality” like most of us.

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