The imminent birth of my first child provoked an intense and challenging period of introspection. Uncertainties and fears of fatherhood encouraged me to think seriously about the boy I once was and the man I have now become. Inspired by the recollection of childhood, I returned to the haunts of my youth to search out the landmarks of my once small world. These rediscovered places and unremarkable objects began to take on an iconic and metaphorical authority and in an attempt to reassess my place in this journey through life I have striven to draw parallels between the past and the present. Mapping the everyday sights that are seen on journeys common to all, has culminated in a series of photographs concerned with the interweaving of memory and imagination and also with the act of remembering and forgetting. This visually symbolic umbilical (re)cord, like a road leading through time, is what connects my child-self to my present-self and in the future, to my unborn son.